About Us

Yesteryear Ford Parts is your source for parts for your 1932 to 1953 Ford car and your 1932 to 1956 Ford pickup. Whether you're looking for exhaust parts, brake drums, piston rings, or even gear shift knobs and doormats, chances are we have it in our large inventory. We can ship your parts anywhere, and most orders are shipped the same day. Take a look at our online catalogs, and be sure to check out our current specials.

We also provide the following services at Yesteryear Ford Parts:

    • Rebuilt starters -- All new parts except the housing. Parts include armature, field coils, brushes, brush springs, all bushings and cable post. The 6 volt starters will spin the engine almost as fast as 12 volt.
    • Rebuilt generators -- All new parts except the armature. We replace the armature if it is damaged or shorts. New parts include field coils, brush springs, bearing, bushing, posts, insulators.
    • Babbitting -- We rebabbitt the Model A and early V-8 engines.
    • Engine rebuilding -- we offer expert rebuilding service for Flathead V-8, Model A and many other 6 and 8 cylinder engines.
    • Valve Grinding -- we offer valve resurfacing and valve seat grinding on most any engine.
    • Hard Valve Seat Installation -- we can cut and install hard valve seats in most any engine.
    • Resurface Brake Drums -- we can resurface all Ford brake drums and most others.
    • Custom Machining -- we are equipped with a large lathe,  milling machine and small gear hobb.  We can perform custom machining and make small gears up to about six inches in diameter, both helix and spur type for your special needs.